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Dreams are Messy!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve not always been always comfortable sharing my inner thoughts out loud. I am equally unlikely to talk with you about my big problems or my big dreams. 

Yet I know from experience that when I open up and get real, people have always been there to meet me and support me, and from within those relationships and connections, amazing things have happened.

I’d rather you didn’t know how much I’ve wrestled with understanding myself and how long it has taken me to come to peace with who I am. Except, when you know this, you know me better and we’re more likely to be able to connect to each other and maybe you’ll share a side of yourself that you’re not fond of with me, and maybe I can help you see something differently.

Earlier in my life, this looked like striving for straight A’s and collecting every accolade I could garner – outside validation calmed my inside needs. A few years ago, it looked like scrapping the concept of my business I’d so diligently crafted when I realized I hated the work I thought I was supposed to do, then spent a long time doubting and second-guessing myself, floundering and trying to get “it” right.

What I would give to have back all the time I’ve wasted following others’ footsteps instead of my own, not trusting that the two feet attached to the bottom of my legs would get me exactly where I needed to go, and knowing that I was not, and never am, alone.

Here is your direct path to inner peace:  there is no “supposed to” and you can’t get it “right.”

We’re all in this together, figuring out life, work and love step-by-step and side-by-side.

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about big ideas without also sharing that behind every success story are all of the failures that you never see in the highlight reel. These photos capture the less than glamorous side of my excellent adventure. Dreams are messy!

For all the years I wrangled with myself, I didn’t know how strong, powerful and capable I was, how much people were willing to help me until I was ready to see myself differently – and then I had to let it sink in for awhile before I was ready to do something new.

The surf retreat, writing a book, our life at the ranch, taking this vision I have into the world and changing people’s lives…it’s all come from a place of trusting and believing in myself and others. When I did, my whole life changed, and let me tell you, I had no idea life could be so extraordinary – or that I was extraordinary.

My new project is extraordinary too: we’re taking leadership development to the next level, turbo-charged and action packed!

Starting now, I am focusing half of my time with Excellent Adventures to work with people, individually or in small groups (2-4 per team) for a deep dive into leadership: presence, impact, communication, creating and executing a vision, giving and receiving feedback, and leveraging assets towards creating sustainable change.

It’s big work, not for the faint of heart, and requires a meaningful commitment, frequent reality checks, a healthy sense of humor and a willingness to be uncomfortable and pushed/gently nudged outside comfort zones to discover what’s new beyond what you know.

The plain and simple fact: it works.

Harvard Business Review talks about how the most productive ways to develop leaders are experimental, this NPR piece validates a movement and experience based approach to learning, and even Scientific American is talking about how fun makes meetings better. I’m not making it up!

Ideal candidates are the kind of people who, when I tell them to meet me in Malibu for standup paddle boarding even though they might hate it as much as I did, will say yes, what time and what should I bring? They will be excited to learn about themselves by spending a day working at our ranch with our herd of horses to see what they can apply immediately into leading others at work. These are people who KNOW they have a spark of greatness inside and are dying to get it out. They are done waiting for the right time or permission to be seen and heard. That time is now.

Are you this person? Do you know someone who might be? Let’s talk about the possibilities – just schedule 15 minutes with me here.  Even if you think I’m crazy and still want to know more, I’d love to get your feedback on how to reach the people who need this work as much as I need to create it. Will you help?

Having two new individual clients or one business team signed up for this project by June 15 (especially women who want a taste of it by coming to this year’s Into the Fire Women’s Surf Retreat June 5-7) would be a another dream come true!

I’ll leave you with this: you are extraordinary. You probably don’t hear that enough. You, exactly as you are, perfectly imperfect, are amazing and I believe in you.

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