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No guarantees

I woke up pissed off. Mad at the world. Frustrated with all the things I wanted that haven’t gone my way.

Anger is not my go to. I have a very long fuse, but enough is enough, and even worse, I had a call at 9am with Gary to create the magic of Into the Fire, and I was not feeling it.

We met on FaceTime and before we could get any work done, I had to tell him that I was in a MOOD. Gary smiled while drinking his green smoothie.

(Then I added him to my angry list.)

He said one word to me: perfect!

You can imagine how my blood began to boil, steam pouring from my ears like in a cartoon.


We talked through my problems (remember where I shared how life gets in the way of you having what you want?) and he reminded me of how his life used to be before we started Into the Fire. He reminded me of who I was before Into the Fire.

We are almost unrecognizable.

Gary spoke from where urgency meets agency. This Into the Fire is so pivotal, we’ve both put our professional lives essentially on hold so that we can deliver our very best at this year’s women’s retreat which will be the most powerful, life changing event we’ve ever created.

He shared with me a handful of things going on in his life right now that could have thrown anyone off their game, but he’s stayed calm and focused. His new mantra: it ain’t bad, it just is. When I don’t get what I want, it ain’t bad, it just is.

“Karen, you’ve got no time to waste being pissed off.” There are too many people out there that need to start living their lives instead of reacting to them, including us. 

Everyone has something they want to change. The same challenges from a year ago will be happening a year from now unless you decide it’s going to be different. It’s up to you.

It’s up to me, too.


What you think about your challenges determines your mood. If I think I’m helpless, I’m stuck there, trapped in my thoughts. To specifically choose a different thought requires discipline, a level of mental toughness. It’s an active process to be aware and not go down the rabbit hole every time something doesn’t go according to plan.


So many people have told me they want Into the Fire … next year.I can’t promise next year. There are no guarantees. All we have is right now.

If you want it, you have our support. You do not have to put up with whatever is stopping you another year. We stand behind the transformations we provide. You have our commitment.

Gary is telling me loud and clear: next year, Into the Fire is a men’s retreat in Hawaii. We don’t know that there will be another women’s retreat in 2017.

Right now, Into the Fire begins 8/25 in Malibu. Registration closes 8/19.

If this is what you needed to hear, tell us. We are listening.

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