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Running out of Time

Into the Fire is autobiographical. We take words from the pages of our own lives (like I mentioned in my last note) as we create each retreat.

We’ve noticed that we human beings have a problem. We constantly make up b.s. stories about our future … and they suck. 

Case in point: Gary was wrestling with a decision he struggled to make. Listening to his suffering, I assigned him homework – the same homework he’d just described giving to two of his clients who were also struggling and suffering. It was Gary’s turn to put me on his “I don’t like you very much” list. (This time I was smiling while he drank his green smoothie, not him.)

His job: for two days make no decisions. Don’t journal, don’t read inspirational self help books to make you feel better. (Gary calls this stuff spiritual prozac, it makes you feel better but doesn’t always fix the core problem you’re trying to solve.) Love your life, love your family, stop trying to figure it out and stop taking yourself so seriously.

After that, open your calendar, look at today’s date two years in the future, and write these words: “This is the day you die.”

Imagine what will you do differently now that the countdown clock has started ticking? Only two years to live. To what b.s. stories will you flip the bird? What do you want with all your heart to which you’ll now say yes?

We think we have time, but we don’t. We say we’re too busy, can’t make time live life like we want. We never consider that we might not have the chance.

In the quiet, clarity emerged. Gary made a big decision that is having even BIGGER repercussions in his life.

We are all running out of time. There is no past to reclaim, only a present moment to enjoy and future to invent – no matter how brief.

This what we offer at Into the Fire. If you have an itch to scratch, a longing to join us but have b.s. stories in your way, get on a call with us. We won’t sell you anything. We will give you an Into the Fire experience and shake your world like a ride at the county fair.

We have a few spots left in this women’s surf retreat. Take one.

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