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TEDx Reflection

Last week, I helped produce the most lovely, loving and powerful TEDx event supporting it’s most brilliant and beautiful builders Dana Childers and Kristan Sargeant, co-founders of The Guilde.

Many people came to me during the event to offer thanks for what we had created. It was humbling and truly magnificent!

On the outside, I’d smile and warmly receive the acknowledgment on behalf of the team. Together, we made magic happen.


Inside, I’d hear a nagging inner voice saying, “But I hardly did anything.”

More about that in a minute.

TED Women’s 2016 theme is It’s About Time.

It’s about time we begin to rewrite the story of leadership, you and me, right here and right now.

I hear others doing exactly what I did constantly. It was nothing. Who, me?

It’s about time we stop deflecting and start accepting. 

We undervalue our strengths, dismiss our contributions, lack the insight to acknowledge and recognize our greatness, minimizing our impact while magnifying others’.

In doing so, we unintentionally and quite effectively build ourselves and our organizations to struggle against an undercurrent of competition when we crave collaboration. I see amazing leaders (yes, even myself) operating under a cloud of doubt, diminishing our abilities to serve and to shine.

When we breathe the air of our own self-doubt, we also judge ourselves, our colleagues, our loved ones. Lacking awareness and confidence in our own innate and unique qualities breeds discontent, disengagement, resentment, and succumbing to an ingrained feeling of never being quite enough.

It’s enough already.

Good people leave organizations. Dreams die. Time is lost. Teams fall apart. People suffer.

It’s about time we celebrate who we are. 

We develop best from our strengths. Highlighting and building capacity from an understanding of who we are and what we uniquely offer makes us all better leaders and better humans.

We all do better when we each do our best, and best is as unique and personal as a fingerprint.

When I own and inhabit my purpose, my reason for being, I do my job and I do it well.

What do I do?

I help make dreams come true.

I see possibilities.

I challenge the status quo.

I question assumptions.

I connect people with their impact.

I believe, deeply and powerfully.

I listen.

I hold space.

I serve with love.

I tell stories.

I offer hope.

I create experiences that ignite lives on fire.

We all have a job to do, yours is yours. What do you do?

Know it, own it, be it, live it. Offer what you can and who you are freely and with love. If you need help figuring it out, ask.

Love, Karen



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