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It’s New Here!

Welcome to the new and improved karenpery.com! I’m Karen and I’m the guide here.

Since much of this site has been remodeled and rebuilt, let’s take a tour and I’ll show you around.


Leadership is …

creating change

a dance

inspired action

fueled by experience

I see leadership as an ongoing process of growth and expansion and not a destination. Like the slideshow, it’s dynamic.

Here you see snapshots of when experiences became metaphors for each individual’s evolution as a leader. What’s that, you say? Let me explain in a story.

Two senior leaders in an organization were challenged with leading their teams and following their bosses. They were performing the duties of their jobs, but they needed some fine tuning, a little polish and finesse (we call that leadership development) to reach their highest potential.

I see this often in small businesses (and even larger nonprofits) that have had huge growth in a short time period: people are so busy doing their jobs and serving their customers that forget to be great leaders. You’ve seen this too, right?

As part of an intensive leadership coaching program, I took these two leaders to a ballroom dancing class. During the class, they learned a new skill, had a great time, and embodied what it means to follow and lead. During the lesson, they received direct and specific feedback about who they are as leaders as dancers.

A few of the gems they took with them:

  • Be adaptable
  • Set a clear direction
  • Don’t be lazy, give strength to others to be supported
  • Be clear in direction changes, your confidence gives energy to everyone else


You take you with you wherever you go, so when you can gain insights into your behaviors and actions in a neutral place where you are open to learning and trying out new skills, and you can transfer and apply those insights into the more difficult aspects of your life and work, the impact of your learning is exponential.

Now back to the tour!

Scroll down a little more and you’ll meet wonderful people who’ve shared their words and wisdom about work we’ve done together. (You can read more testimonials in Results.)

A little past that is an invitation to begin a new leadership journey (which you can also access at Start Here) or peek into the beach party transformations happening in Malibu with our Into the Fire women in a two-minute video. Fun!

Next, we’ll jump over to the blog where the content is updated regularly. In Fuel for Thought you’ll find my insights about the experience of leadership and how to use your life experiences as fuel for change.

I have much to say about leadership, so much that I wrote it into a philosophy which you’ll find here in About.

Also in the About section, you’ll learn more about me personally and professionally. I’ve got an official bio and headshot (like you’d get if you hired me to develop leaders at your organization) and I’ve provided a bullet point bio which highlights my qualifications beyond the resume.

Media + Buzz features articles, interviews and podcasts where I have had the privilege of sharing my thoughts, beliefs and personal experiences learning about leadership while surfing, etc. (If you’re interested in our upcoming Into the Fire Surf Retreats, take a listen to the Leadership Unleashed podcast Gary and I recorded last summer.)

After that, you’ve got two ways to dive into the work I do in the world.

A) Start Here takes you on a guided journey to discover your path.

B) If you simply want options presented to you, head straight into Menu of Services.

Same destinations, different ways to get there. Choose your own adventure!

We all love a good story, and some of my favorite stories are told in the words of the extraordinary people whom I’ve had the honor to serve in my work. Their results are astounding. Meet them and be inspired.

One of my favorite pages on this entire site remodel is my contact pageEvery engagement begins with a conversation, and here’s where we get to meet!

At the bottom of every page beyond the contact info and social media links, you’ll find the best way to stay in the loop: my private mailing list. What we do here is focused and exclusive as are the ways I share it.

.     .     .

This site walkthrough would not be complete without acknowledging the generous and enormous talents and contributions of the two people who have brought this vision for my online home to life.

Photo credit to Seth Murray of Elementz Photography for capturing the essence of our leadership experiences surfing, driving go carts and playing with horses with heart and soul. Seth’s lens on life is a constant blessing to me.

Site and graphic design, animations and web genius credit to Melissa Chan Stone. As proud as I am to showcase my body of work, I am as delighted to share Melissa’s brilliance and creativity. There is not a problem she can’t solve. Melissa’s commitment to making this site and my online presence beautiful, functional, easy and fun makes her a dream collaborator.

.     .     .

Thanks for visiting!

If you see an opportunity in these pages to start re-writing your leadership story right now and you’re ready to start exploring, let’s talk.

Until next time,




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