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Leadership Philosophy

It’s time we begin to tell a new story about leadership, starting right here, right now. You are a leader. All the time. No matter what. Does that feel like a lot of responsibility? It should…and you can relax because you are already leading no matter what you do. Simply by being you have an […]

The #1 Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself

One Friday morning, I was driving up Topanga Canyon to a routine doctor’s appointment while pregnant with our son Jake — but my mind was already at my desk in Santa Monica. I was rehearsing difficult conversations I needed to have about time sensitive projects that weren’t going as planned. I didn’t notice the car […]

Advice to Aspiring Authors

Now that I have written and published a book, at least once a week I get to talk with an aspiring author or storyteller about the process, my process. I love to speak from the place of yes, this dream came true for me and yes, it can come true for you. I used to […]

On Motivational Quotes and a Surprising Teacher

This is a re-post of a guest post I wrote for Co-active Transforum. You can view the original post here. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of spending several days with an extraordinarily wise teacher named Koan. This sage reminded me of lessons in leadership that I had forgotten. What’s unusual about this particular […]

#32 on My Bucket List: Learn to Surf

This is a re-post of a guest post I wrote for Co-active Transforum. You can view the original post here. I wrote my first bucket list when I was 25. I kept it in the back of my journal like an expanding grocery list…except instead of things like apples and light bulbs, it included things […]

Born Leader

Most six year olds spend their time going to school and playing. When I was six, I was organizing a club of first graders who loved The Jackson 5, even though I didn’t particularly like The Jackson 5. The kids in my class had a need and I was there to help guide it. I’ve […]

Grow or Die

Two new clients have started leadership journeys with me this week. These two strong and powerful humans from different parts of the globe have spoken the same words to me: I am afraid. By definition, fear is a feeling or emotion in response to a perceived danger or threat. It’s a survival instinct hardwired in […]