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The Quarantine Paradox (Revisited)

It’s been a year. I had no recollection of writing these words; I found them in my drafts, rediscovered when I logged in to make some edits on my site in preparation for a soon to air podcast. Though it’s tempting to finish this piece and make more meaning of it, to reflect on who […]

One day, but not today

There will be a day When market shelves are fully stocked with toilet paper, isopropyl alcohol, flour, and yeast and we won’t be stunned When our homecomings are not punctuated by a solid 20 seconds of hand washing And we can smile at each other with the entirety of our faces, not solely as a […]

I am not an oracle, but I feel things

I am not an oracle. I’m not a fortune teller, a psychic or a mind reader. I have no way to predict the future though I wish I did. I am highly sensitive, deeply intuitive and empathic. I feel A LOT. If I had the answers, believe me, I’d be shouting from YouTube or my […]

Hello, I’m Karen and I am Doing My Best

Hi, my name is Karen. If we haven’t met before, it’s lovely to meet you. If we’re previously acquainted, I’m happy you’ve found me again. Right now the world feels … a lot. It feels messy and confusing and scary and hopeful and I honestly don’t know what to make of it all in this […]

On “overachieving”

This is a snippet of a conversation I had with a client a few months ago. See how much of this feels true for you. X feels out of control, so instead of telling yourself, “Wow, X feels out of control” and acknowledging how powerless you feel right now, you’re trying to get everything right, […]

Leadership Philosophy

It’s time we begin to tell a new story about leadership, starting right here, right now. You are a leader. All the time. No matter what. Does that feel like a lot of responsibility? It should…and you can relax because you are already leading no matter what you do. Simply by being you have an […]

The #1 Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself

One Friday morning, I was driving up Topanga Canyon to a routine doctor’s appointment while pregnant with our son Jake — but my mind was already at my desk in Santa Monica. I was rehearsing difficult conversations I needed to have about time sensitive projects that weren’t going as planned. I didn’t notice the car […]

The Journey of 100 Miles: A Story of Faith, Horses and Impossible Dreams

Rafe and I met in 1997. In our early days, weeks and months together, we split our time between Hermosa Beach and Santa Monica; the 17 miles that separated us felt like 100. We started dating in January and I moved to West Los Angeles (now only two miles away from my love) in June […]

Advice to Aspiring Authors

Now that I have written and published a book, at least once a week I get to talk with an aspiring author or storyteller about the process, my process. I love to speak from the place of yes, this dream came true for me and yes, it can come true for you. I used to […]

The Time I Almost Didn’t See Hamilton on Broadway

(Rewind) Spring 2016: Hamilton? That Broadway musical phenomenon about the first Secretary of the Treasury? Yeah, I guess I’ve heard of it. Summer 2016: We sing along with Corden’s Broadway Carpool Karaoke before the Tony’s (which Ellie and I watch from beginning to end while the house sleeps). The Hamilton soundtrack is the music of […]