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One of the departments within our Firm was having trouble adjusting to change, primarily a change in leadership. We had a divided team with low morale. We weren’t sure if the team was ready for something so “out of the box.” They only spend one day a month together as a team, and bringing them together to do something physical and out of their comfort zone felt like a big risk.


When working with Karen to solve our problem, she took to time to really understand our culture, team dynamic, and issues before we met at the high ropes challenge course. It has been so helpful to have her unbiased perspective to allow us to think holistically about our challenges and come up with solutions tailored to our business.


Unlike other consultants she feels like part of the team by the way she cares. Karen is the perfect mix of high-energy positivity and focused observer. I love the partnership Karen provides. She really understands our team, issues, and feels invested in our success.


Since our Team Retreat at the ropes course, I notice more individuals participating in meetings than ever before, especially our more junior team members. We’ve had increased retention and have continued to engage with each other socially and are working better to solve problems together.


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