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I was in a very rocky position in my career and felt incredibly lost. I was stuck at a fork in the road and unsure of the path I wanted to take moving forward. I was stunted by overwhelm and indecision, so I hired Karen.


Our first session was unlike anything I’d done before—I stood in an equestrian ring with a horse and was asked to just be myself. At first it was awkward and I wasn’t sure how to act on-the-spot, but as I started to vocalize how I was feeling, I began to realize that my behavior in the ring totally reflected my behavior in the real world—whenever I’m put in a new situation. I shut down a little bit, and get self-conscious. Working through that feeling—and taking ownership for that, completely changed my self-perception. And as I worked through the moment and came out of my shell, the horse responded by engaging with me. It was pretty incredible how much I was able to take away from that brief experience!


Through ongoing phone coaching sessions with Karen, I was able to see the forest through the trees. I realized that I didn’t want to take a job just for the sake of taking a job. I had the right to be selective about what I wanted. I began to search job opportunities and explored my options from a bigger picture view, and realized that the biggest career necessity for me was lifestyle: I needed to work at a company whose ethos I believed in, and whose culture I wanted to be a part of – and I was offered a job at that kind of company. I’m absolutely loving the work that I am doing there. It feels like luck, but I know it’s really a combination of preparation (knowing what I really wanted to go after) and opportunity. Karen was a critical part of that preparation.


My experience was everything I needed it to be: Karen really lets you shape your own experience to ensure that you get everything YOU need out of it. And if you’re not sure exactly what you need to get out of it (I didn’t in my first session), Karen helps you define that, too.


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