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I had the pleasure of attending Karen’s signature Into The Fire Leadership Retreat and was amazed and inspired at the graceful way Karen and her business partner Gary handled the day.


A group of 18 people, all novice surfers, meeting on the beach, with no microphones or wind cover to make it easy to speak or be heard. Turns out, Karen doesn’t need a microphone. She worked seamlessly with our group to create a safe, intimate container in the midst of thousands of strangers on a public beach.


Most workshops have walls, Karen thrived without any.


She supported each group member individually, taking time to coach them and support them through their Leadership growth, as well as making sure the group stayed on timeline — which is an incredibly hard thing to do, especially with the ocean as a co-host!


Karen is a compassionate, gifted and lively facilitator, and any group would be lucky to work with her.


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