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I had just transitioned into a new position managing 11 staff members and reporting to the executive team. In my previous role, of 7 years, I managed a group of consultants and reported directly to the board of directors. The concern that moved me to seek professional coaching was about how to change my management style from directing professional consultants to managing a staff who are new to their field and are in need of more direction and guidance. The main issue was how to manage my time and build my self-confidence to motivate this team of eager staff and provide the necessary support to guide them through the day-to-day process of accomplishing my vision.


Early on in this process I learned that Karen would be supportive throughout the entire process, completely confidential, and respected me not only for the knowledge that I brought to these sessions, but also for what I was willing to learn through this process. The idea of being prepared was a big part of my daily process, but I began to realize the importance of being comfortable in the moment with the unexpected.


Having the opportunity to share this process for growth with Karen, and through her approach to coaching, I have a new perspective of understanding and approach for my role as a leader. This process has impacted how I manage my staff, approach the direction of my vision, and see myself in my role. In turn, this newfound professional knowledge and abilities has also impacted my personal life in very similar ways. I now have a new approach and outlook in attaining both my personal and professional goals.


Karen often asked me to describe my challenges as metaphors. To sum it up, I would have to say this process was similar to a cross-country train ride. We traveled across the plains, over mountains, through regions of clear skies or turbulent weather, but we always made it to our chosen destination. Karen was the conductor, the bellhop, and porter offering whatever it took to make this trip feel safe, informative, and enjoyable at every turn.


Director of Vocational Education & Social Enterprise at

the Downtown Women’s Center

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