Leadership Philosophy

It’s time we begin to tell a new story about leadership, starting right here, right now.

You are a leader. All the time. No matter what.

Does that feel like a lot of responsibility?

It should…and you can relax because you are already leading no matter what you do. Simply by being you have an impact. You are a leader.

You don’t have to change. You are human and you are perfect. Now let’s get to work.

First, you need to know how spectacular you are. You need to see and understand your strengths. When you know yourself, you can contribute to others.

Second, you are a hero and so is everyone else. There are no victims and no one is to blame. We all come to the party of life with our great gifts in hand and offer them with love in service to the work we are here to do together.

Third, we are all connected. We need each other and we’re all here in this world together. We can do more together than alone. We make a difference.

Fourth, it’s time to stop forcing leadership on people and start helping leadership emerge from people.

It’s time to stop deflecting and start accepting.

When we undervalue our strengths, dismiss our contributions, lack the insight to acknowledge and recognize our greatness, we cheat possibility.

In doing so, we unintentionally allow people and organizations to struggle and compete when we crave collaboration.

Lacking awareness of our own innate and unique strengths breeds discontent, disengagement, resentment and a feeling of never being quite enough.

It’s enough already.

Good people leave organizations. Dreams die. Time is lost. Teams fall apart. People suffer.

It’s time to celebrate and grow.

We develop best from our strengths. Highlighting and building capacity from an understanding of who we are and what we uniquely offer makes us all better leaders and better humans.

We all do better when we each do our best.

We change the story of leadership by changing the experience of leadership.

It’s time to write a new story, and we can do this together.

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