KarenPery.com | 1:1 Leadership Coaching
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Regularly scheduled confidential conversations (by phone or in-person) to define, discuss and clarify your goals, strengths and areas of focus.

We explore your values and priorities through coaching conversations and/or guided experiences. You will discover and learn from new perspectives and receive direct and specific feedback to help you integrate your knowledge and into action in your life and at work.

Between coaching conversations, you will shift your attention and actions, noticing improved relationships, business results, and overall happiness.

1:1 Leadership Coaching provides you with:
Ongoing encouragement and support, accountability, and my commitment to help you navigate through your personal and professional transitions with confidence and clarity.

1:1 Leadership Coaching begins with:
A minimum commitment of 6 months of regularly scheduled meetings and/or guided experiences (typically 2-3 times/month).

Change is inevitable!
Let’s make it real and personal.

1:1 Leadership Coaching is the fastest and most direct route to creating what you want … for yourself and the world. Our work is an earthquake in your life with positive aftershocks.

What Clients Say about 1:1 Leadership Coaching with Karen

Jama Adams

I am deliriously happy that I have realized the vision we outlined together.

C Killian

Our first session was unlike anything I’d done before—I stood in an equestrian ring with a horse and was asked to just be myself…I began to realize that my behavior in the ring totally reflected my behavior in the real world.

Joe Altepeter

In the coaching process, Karen was the conductor, the bellhop, and porter offering whatever it took to make this trip feel safe, informative, and enjoyable at every turn.

Shohreh Rahmatian

Karen has an amazing gift for visualization and a deep intuition. I felt so welcomed, relaxed and respected in our sessions together.

Sebastian Lillo

She is open to having any conversation and holds the space that I need to have a conversation that can be hard
but also full of learning, she will hear me out but will not tolerate my b.s.