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I decided to come to Into the Fire because I trusted Gary when he told me that it was transformational and an incredible experience, but I wondered what exactly we were going to do, how hard surfing would be, who else would be there, and what would be different at the end?


The entire Into the Fire experience was beyond words. Surfing was fun, amazing, incredible and hard. I learned so much from the ocean: how unbelievably connected we all are. I had clarity deeper than anything I’ve ever experienced.


Into the Fire was one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had and one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. There are no words to adequately describe the experience but I can say that I am different now. I see love and abundance all around me more clearly. I am not attached to specific outcomes like before. I see infinite opportunities like the waves in the ocean… infinite. I understand the power of the ocean and how it relates to life more clearly. I know that if I choose this wave to ride, I am fully committed to ride it as long as I can. If I wipe out (which I did most of the time), I got reset and found another wave to ride. There is always another wave (opportunity) right behind the current one. If I choose to take this one great, have fun with it and ride away!! If I choose to wait, that’s OK too as there is another that may be even better right behind it. The other women I share this experience with are beyond incredible… so many common threads wove us together throughout the weekend.


Gary and Karen are PHENOMENAL. They are present, centered, full of love, open, supportive, creative and totally there for me at all times.


Because I came to Into the Fire, I have more peace in my life. I am more open to what’s next and I have more freedom and clarity than ever before!


Leadership Coach

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